Hahowa “Let’s go to sleep” Independent Theme Jigsaw Puzzle 105pcs

Hahowa “Let’s go to sleep” Independent Theme Jigsaw Puzzle 105pcs

Product Size: 59.7 x 37.6 CM

Color Box: 18 x 6.8 x 20 CM

Ctn Meas. 43 x 38 x 42.5 CM

Q’ty/Ctn: 24 PCS

G.W/N.W. 11.6/10.8 KGS

CBM/CUFT: 0.07/2.47

Loading QTY: 9264 PCS/20’ft & 23328 PCS/40’ft HQ


Supply Ability: 180000 Pieces per Month


Brand: Hahowa (Original Toys Brand)
Model No. 1007
Paper Jigsaw Puzzle 105 Pieces Independent Theme

Product Story:
I grew up and have a small kingdom of my own. Here, I am accompanied by Lion King, Kung Fu Panda and brown bear hunter. There are many good-looking books. But the happiest thing is that they accompany me to sleep every night. good night! Toys


Dream partner, start a fantasy journey – children’s toy puzzle!

Every child has a dream, that is, to have a little kingdom of their own. Now, your child will have the chance to own a fantasy toy kingdom! The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Brown Bear Hunter, and many good books, the characters and elements of these stories await them.

This unique children’s toy puzzle is colorful and vivid, bringing the characters and scenes in the story to life. In the process of playing, children will cultivate their hands-on ability, expand their imagination, and experience their own little paradise.

After completing the puzzle, children can interact with their favorite characters and spend countless fun times together. In addition, this puzzle also helps to enhance the child’s independence and self-confidence, through the independent completion of the challenge, get a full sense of achievement.

At the same time, we integrate the concept of environmental protection into the design, so that children can enjoy the joy at the same time, realize the importance of protecting the environment. The puzzle is made of biodegradable, non-toxic materials, so that your children can develop green environmental awareness while playing healthily.

Let’s accompany our children and protect their happy childhood with this children’s toy puzzle! Let them in the process of growing up, brave to face challenges, harvest full of happiness! Good night, beautiful dreams are waiting for them!

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