Purchasing Toys from PURE TOY LIMITED

We offer various payment options for your convenience:

  • Western Union: This payment method is suitable for smaller orders and samples. While the fees associated with Western Union are relatively high, the advantage lies in the prompt receipt of funds. As soon as the payment is sent, we can swiftly proceed to send out your samples or orders.
  • PayPal: PayPal offers an even more convenient payment solution than Western Union. With online payment processing, you can avoid the need to visit banks or post offices. Upon sending the payment, we receive it instantly, within 1 second. However, please note that due to higher operational fees, an additional charge of 5-8% of the total amount will apply if you choose PayPal. This method is recommended for samples and small orders.
  • Credit Card: While direct credit card payments are not accepted, you can opt for PayPal as the payment method to use your credit card.
  • T/T (Telegraphic Transfer): Telegraphic Transfer, often known as a wire transfer, is our preferred payment method. Particularly suitable for larger payments, T/T incurs lower fees compared to Western Union, and we receive the payment on the following day. It’s crucial to emphasize that timing is essential. When you decide to proceed with payment, consider the estimated shipment time that accompanies your quotation. Keep in mind that the period between receiving your shipping date and payment could see additional orders, potentially impacting the shipment timeline. Hence, timely payment is strongly advised.

Please be aware that T/T Wire Payments generally take 3-5 business days to arrive. For expedited processing, we recommend selecting the “Rush Service” option from your bank, ensuring our receipt of payment on the next business day.

  • Letter of Credit (L/C): We accept L/C payments for orders exceeding US$100,000. However, it’s important to note that L/C is an outdated, cumbersome, and expensive method. We strongly encourage all customers to opt for T/T wire payments, the more efficient choice.

Payment Terms:

  • Full Payment in Advance: All orders, except full container loads, require full payment in advance.
  • Full Container Load Payment: For full container load orders, you have the option to make a 30% deposit when placing the order and pay the remaining 70% once the goods are prepared, but before shipment. When the goods are ready, we will provide clear photos of the packaged items in export cartons, displaying your shipping mark. These images offer undeniable confirmation that the goods are manufactured, packaged, and set for shipment. While we do permit the deposit and balance payment method, we strongly advise against it. This approach is likely to delay your shipment by at least a week. Shipping arrangements demand several days, and we won’t initiate any shipping details until the second payment is received.
  • Effective Upfront Payment: Drawing from our extensive experience, we are confident that it will take several days to receive the second payment once the goods are prepared, leading to a minimum delay of one week. By wiring 100% of the payment in advance, we can arrange shipping well ahead of the goods’ readiness, ensuring an immediate dispatch upon readiness. Additionally, making two payments will consume extra time and money, as you’ll need to make two trips to the bank and incur fees twice.